That awkward moment when you're talking and no one cares.


New (old) thoughts

Oh, the joys of living with people. Growing up as an only child I knew it would be difficult to live with others. Now I am living through it and, let me tell you, it is not easy. I live with two friends that are very close to each other. They do everything together and, when one person thinks something, so does the other. They also agree that I am not clever or funny, and enjoy putting me down and ignoring me. I don’t expect them to give me mounds of attention, but I would love a response to my “hello, how are you?” every now and then. We are all passive aggressive young women, in fact the most confrontational we have been has happened over post it notes. There are so many things I need to change, but it is hard to do that when I know they wont ever change. I try to talk about it, but it doesn’t do anything about it. I know I need to do something, like talk to them about things that bother me, but I’m quite sure it will turn into a character judgement rather than a conversation about laundry and dishes. I just wish I was financially capable of living alone.